Sunday, June 12, 2011

around the house

a week goes so fast, isn't it? 
the first thing i do after i get out of the bed is making latte. i specially love the coffee smell from the kitchen. 
all the images[my new place] are taken in my new apartment. it's rental, so i can't do many things. but i love the hardwood floor & it's very roomy apartment. this place is for two of us[me & my little boy].  i will share more pictures next time.

i am all settled making cloth again. :)   my husband & i are still good friends. 


  1. sounds like your life is much happier jimin - very pleased for you. You apartment is gorgeous, I love your sense of style. So thrilled that you are making clothes again...can't wait to see your new creations! Take care x

  2. cheers to a new chapter. i am also very excited to see what you have been my littles are still living in your goods. your place looks very peaceful. x.

  3. congratulations on settling in to your new apartment, and your new life. can't wait to see more of your apartment, and your new designs.


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